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Our Covid Policy

These are the steps we are taking to keep visitors safe while still ensuring your time with us is really enjoyable.

All visitors are required to book a time slot and asked to arrive promptly. Bookings are spaced apart to ensure there is no need to queue on arrival.

Time slots allocated for each booking are an hour and a half, so that you have plenty of time to enjoy your visit. Bookings for each table are spaced two hours apart, allowing us 30 minutes to ensure everything is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the next group arrives.

Bookings are all prepaid so that there is no handling of cash or cards by our staff. Staff will be equipped with disposable gloves.

We are restricting the numbers of people on site so that it is easy and comfortable to stay safely distanced from other groups.

We have a hand sanitiser station at each door and can allow people to enter and exit through separate routes, if necessary to maintain distance.

Food is being supplied in sealed boxes from our local supplier, who have a 5 star food hygiene rating, and presented in the box. Customers are invited to take the boxes with them (a built in doggy bag!) so that you can enjoy and share any leftovers at home.

Toilets are in use. There are three separate toilets, each with their own hand basin. We are introducing  enhanced and more frequent cleaning protocols. We have single-use hand towels and a hand sanitiser station outside the toilets which we ask customers to use before and after using them. There is plenty of space to queue for the toilets if necessary, while maintaining social distance.

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