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Natural, low alcohol dry white made from seyval blanc grapes. 


Made from very ripe grapes that were picked on the 2nd November 2021, which gives the Naturiol a crunchy green orchard fruit flavour.

It has been naturally fermented meaning no added yeast or sugar, half in stainless steel and half in old oak barrels that were previously used for white Bordeux which lends the gentle smoky flavour. Lees stirring has introduced body and a creaminess. The two ferments were then combined before slow settling and repeated racking. No filtration or fining were used to avoid stripping out the flavour compounds.


Crunchy orchard fruit, slight smokiness creamy/butteriness 


Made in Wales by David Morris at Mountain People Wine in Monmouthshire.



7% ABV


Contains sulphites. Suitable for vegans.

Naturiol 2021

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