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A Word About our Shipping Costs

We charge a flat rate of £9.95 per parcel for sending wine, although shipping is free for orders of £200 or above.

Why so much for a single bottle? Well, it is very difficult for a small business like ours to find a courier willing to ship liquids, especially alcoholic ones, or glass – the ones which do charge a premium. They also won't insure it for loss or damage, so we need to ensure bottles are very well-protected by using specially produced packaging materials.

As a consequence, it actually costs us considerably more than we charge – but we think £9.95 is quite enough to ask you to contribute!


The good news is, the more bottles you include with your order, the lower the cost per bottle – especially if you order enough to qualify for free shipping!

Velfrey sparkling wine from Velfrey Vineyard Pembrokeshire
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