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Our Wines

At Velfrey Vineyard we have chosen to specialise in the production of sparkling wines following the traditional method as used in the production of Champagne. Our Pinot Noir and Seyval Blanc grapes allow us to utilise the long Pembrokeshire summers to fully develop great depth of flavour whilst maintaining the perfect balance of acidity and sugar levels needed to create a premium, traditional method, sparkling wine.

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Velfrey N.V

A limited edition non-vintage wine made with Seyval Blanc and Pinot Noir, with added Chardonnay for further depth and complexity.

This quality, traditional method, sparkling wine has spent 18 months on the lees developing a delicious and refined blend of rich biscuity notes and fresh citrus fruit flavours. 

Available at just £34 a bottle, Velfrey can be sent by our courier or collected from the vineyard.

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Because of the long ageing requirements of the traditional wine-making method we use, the fruits of our labour from a number of earlier growing seasons will be at various stages of their production process.

Made from specially selected, hand harvested fruit, these unique, single estate, vintage wines are specially crafted  in small production runs to ensure they are of the utmost quality.

Due to the scarcity of these wines early ordering is recommended.


2019 Vintage

Vinegrowers Notes | Despite a wet challenging summer, we were able to ensure the fruit remained clean and healthy. The long, slow ripening period developed beautiful fruit led flavours in a remarkably heavy Pinot Noir crop and allowed the acids in the Seyval Blanc to mature to perfect levels. 

Harvest Date |21st Oct 2019

Expected Disgorgement Date |Feb 2022

Bottles Produced | 594


2020 Vintage

Vinegrowers Notes | A year that has been characterised by winegrowers as having "All the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order". Our Seyval Blanc escaped the severe May frost that devastated most of the UK. The relatively dry cool late Summer/early Autumn led to small berry sizes with excellent juice. In summary: low yield, outstanding quality.

Harvest Date | ​17th Oct 2020

Expected Disgorgement Date |2023

Bottles Produced | 681