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Competition Time! What name shall we give to the latest member of the Velfrey team?

Meet the latest member of the Velfrey Vineyard team!

The vineyard dogs are not too impressed with him - they keep dropping the ball at his feet but he doesn't throw it!

Nevertheless, he's a handsome chap, I'm sure you'll agree, but we feel like the poor, hard-working soul needs a name! What shall we call him??? For a chance to win a bottle of our delicious new wine - Naturiol - e-mail us at with your name suggestions and we will pick a winner on Friday 7th October at 5pm!

So why did we feel the need to add a scarecrow to our team? Well we started seeing this..... stems where there used to be grapes!

Although this tells us that the grapes are ripening and getting sweeter, birds can strip a whole vineyard of our size - quickly! One hot spot for birds is our big old oak tree where the birds perch and then drop in for a tasty snack. So we've employed our scarecrow friend to help deter them!

Harvest is approaching!!!!!

Our tests are showing us that although ripening is approaching, we're just not quite there yet. We want to have the grapes as ripe as possible and in the best condition to make quality wine. The temptation is to get them in and then you don't have to worry about feathered and furry friends or weather or other challenges ...... trust me the whole Velfrey team have reached that time of year where we have nightmares about things happening to the grapes!

But we are being brave and leaving them for as long as we can and thinking that we will maybe harvest in about two weeks...........


If you think you would like to come along and help us to bring in the grapes please drop us an email to and we will keep you informed. Some people come for an hour or so, some for the whole day and some just can't make it - and that is fine! But having a list of interested harvesters helps us to keep an eye on numbers and contact you as we get closer to harvest.

Once again, we will provide soup and bread on the day and invite everyone back for a Harvest Thank You party at a later date. Harvest day is just too manic!

Harvest is great fun and a lovely social event so if you'd like to come along - drop us an email!


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